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Dear Reader,

My name is David Stockman.

You may know me as a two-term representative from Michigan. Or as President Ronald Reagan’s controversial budget director.

I also wrote the recent New York Times best-seller, The Great Deformation.

And since 2011, I’ve enjoyed retirement while writing my free market blog, David Stockman’s ContraCorner.

But I am so concerned about what’s going to happen this week, on Wednesday, December 16th, that effective today, I’m announcing a major decision.

I’m coming out of retirement to warn you of a major market event that’s going to be triggered…

And I’m going to show you the specific steps I think you should be taking to protect and grow your portfolio.

This Wednesday, December 16th, a life changing, once-in-a-decade market event is going to take place.

One I’ve been quietly writing about all year:

The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for the first time since 2006.

The world and markets will never be the same afterwards...

That’s why I’m hosting a special, one-time ONLY training event for you. It’s time-sensitive.

I call what’s happening this week “The end of the bubble finance era.”

And I’m going to reveal the specific triggers that will set this transition in motion...

And then show you the #1 investment strategy you need to use as interest rates start their creep higher.

This strategy will help you make big investment gains in 2016 instead of suffering massive financial losses.

This entire scenario will be explained in a live and exclusive one hour training session.

I’ll admit, I’ve been asked to hold a live events many times in the past. When I worked in D.C…. and then on Wall Street… and during my retirement.

But this is my first and ONLY live training event. That’s because in my nearly five decade career I’ve never felt so compelled to speak out.

Please read the details of this event carefully…

For two decades interest rates have headed lower and lower…

Stocks, bonds, housing and nearly everything else went up in price over that time.

You didn’t have to think. You just had to “buy” and hold.

All of that is going to change this Wednesday. You’re going to need a completely different strategy.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Agora Financial, one of the country’s leading independent financial advisory firms.

All in, they've invested nearly a million dollars towards a new project we’re developing together. One that we believe will help you navigate the financial markets in this new era.

Vast fortunes have been made as the greatest bubble in history expanded.

Now, I believe you’ll see the best returns by investing in the opposite manner----by exploiting the collapse of the same bubble.

I’ve not only been forecasting that the Fed will raise rates this year… but I’ve been developing a full program to help you navigate the transition ahead.

And I’m going to show it to you for free during our live event on Monday, December 14th at 9pm.

I’ve had the benefit of personally seeing what's happening to our country… and our markets by working at the highest levels of the U.S. government AND Wall Street.

I sat in the Oval Office with Reagan when the era of boom, busts and low interest rates began in the 1980’s.

And I saw bubbles form and pop while working on Wall Street for Salomon Brothers… and later, as a founding partner at the private equity firm, Blackstone.

I’m certain I can help you navigate what’s coming after the Fed starts raising interest rates… and guide you on what should be doing with your money.

In fact, behind the scenes I’ve been busy uncovering opportunities to profit by as much as...

I’ll tell you how these types of trades are possible when we go live on Monday.

Now, no investment approach works perfectly every you need to proceed with caution. But I’m confident that what I’ll tell you will help you invest better in the months ahead.

So it’s imperative you reserve your spot now to hear our live broadcast this Monday, December 14th at 9pm, EST, right now.

It’s free to signup (even if you can’t make it on Monday, still sign up. We’ll be replaying the broadcast for you after Monday. But only for those who RSVP today.)

But because of the arrangement I have with Agora Financial, we have to limit this call to just 3,000 out of our combined 300,000 readers.

If you’re at all concerned about what is going to happen when the Fed raises interest rates… which investments you should dump… and where the biggest opportunities will be…

If you’ve been wondering how the biggest financial bubble in history ends…

And if you want to hear why I believe you’re virtually guaranteed 25 different chances to double your money over the next year as it does…

Then RSVP now by filling in your email address below.

All the best,
David Stockman

Yes, I want free access to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We will not share your email address