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On Wednesday April 13th I'll reveal the #1 covert brain health threat in the United States today, and the simple step you need to take to avoid it.

Protect your brain and improve your memory, focus, and mood

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On Wednesday April 13th I'll reveal the #1 covert brain health threat in the United States today, and the simple step you need to take to avoid it.

Dear Reader,

Hi, Brad Lemley here, Chief Health Officer of Laissez Faire’s Living Well.

There is a growing brain health epidemic in America.

At this moment, more than 16 million Americans are suffering from impaired thinking, declining brain function and memory loss, and millions more are at risk.

If predictions from the Centers for Disease Control(CDC) are correct, the number of people affected could more than double in the next few decades.

Researchers from UCLA have stated that this “huge public health problem” is projected to explode by the middle of the decade, affecting 1 in 45 Americans.

And the National Institute on Aging has warned that this is a “dire projection for the nation.”

It’s clear American Baby Boomers are facing a brain-health epidemic.

And yet almost no one sees it coming. Soon, it will be too late.

For over 30 years, I’ve studied nutritional science and breakthroughs in natural health and medicine. I’ve written for the Washington Post, co-written ten books, and interviewed scientists from all over the world for Discover magazine...all the while focusing on the latest research for optimal brain health and longevity.

Recently, I’ve uncovered what I believe to be the biggest brain health threat of the decade.

It’s a fatal flaw in America’s current medical system.

Almost no one is talking about this, because it directly challenges the billion-dollar medical establishment.

Not only that, most doctors and physicians simply don’t know this information.

You see, there’s a huge gap between the most current health research and conventional medicine.

In fact, it takes, on average, seventeen years for the latest scientific breakthroughs to make their way into medical recommendations, thanks to governmental red tape and corporate bias towards the status quo.

All the while doctors are giving out advice based on outdated science. And it’s putting you and over 121 million Americans at risk.

According to the CDC, over 16 million Americans already suffer from declining brain function, and this number will continue to grow every year.

Harvard researchers have found that brain decline can start as early as age 40, leading to forgetfulness, inability to focus and decreased ability to solve problems.

Research from the CDC shows that 1 in 10 adults over age 45 suffers from increased confusion or memory loss.

And if you’re over the age of 65, you’re especially at risk.

As you can see from this chart, as you age, the risk of declining brain function skyrockets:


At 60 years old, I too am worried about protecting my brain as I age. So for me, it’s a personal mission for my own health. But today I’m making it more than that. It’s so clear the brain-health advice people get from the mainstream health establishment IS JUST PLAIN WRONG. And it’s putting you at risk.

I’ve been studying this topic for years, pouring over cutting edge research, speaking with leading researchers... yet we keep seeing the same bad advice repeated over and over.

So today, I am taking steps to reveal what I have learned.

During my research, I’ve uncovered five very specific dangers you need to know about..

The top threat puts over 27 million Americans at risk for declining brain function every single day. This single threat alone could lead to brain fog, memory loss, confusion, even amnesia.

As we grow older we all become more susceptible to these risks, putting us, and our loved ones, in danger.

I say this with 100% confidence based on my research.

That’s why I am holding a free live video summit on April 13th, at 7pm, EST.

I’m calling it “Project BHE” because I am going to reveal the true causes behind this Brain Health Epidemic.

I am certain the revelations I’ll share Wednesday will become mainstream in the next 20 years. But many of us don’t have that long to wait.

If you’re worried about losing your mental acuity, it’s urgent that you attend this live event.

I’ll be at our HQ in Baltimore where I am continuing my research on these sinister brain threats. And more importantly, on simple steps you can take to ward off the most harmful effects.

But here’s what makes this so urgent..

Every single day more than 16 million Americans suffer from the effects of memory loss and cognitive dysfunction.

Not being able to recognize family members or familiar places...

Asking the same questions over and over because they can’t remember what was said…

Having trouble with simple tasks like following a recipe or paying bills...

Unfortunately, many wait too long. And suffer needlessly.

Worse, wives... husbands... children suffer as they watch their loved ones decline.

But this doesn’t have to happen to you.

There are very simple steps you can take right now
to prevent or even reverse these debilitating effects.

Take Joe, for example. After exposure to one of these brain threats, he found himself struggling with crossword puzzles, losing track of time and not being able to remember entire days. But, after taking a simple step to avoid this threat, he was able to completely reverse his cognitive decline.

And then there’s Mary. After following conventional medical advice her whole life she found herself struggling with brain fog and difficulty learning new things. Some days, she even had trouble remembering the right words.

But just days after ditching the conventional advice she’d been taught and making one easy switch, her brain “turned back on” and she regained her cognitive abilities.

And they did it without expensive drugs so often pushed by conventional medicine.

In fact, new research from UCLA Medical Center has found that just one simple lifestyle modification can reduce your risk of developing cognitive impairment by 50%.

That’s why I want you to join our live event called “America’s Growing Brain Health Epidemic.”

It’s time-sensitive for millions. And maybe you, too.

Wednesday, April 13 at 7 PM, EST, I’ll reveal these brain-health threats, and five simple steps and strategies to help you avoid America’s growing brain-health epidemic.

Please read details carefully…

What...An exclusive, live event to give you all the details on the brain threats I’ve uncovered, and ways to protect your brain starting today.

When… Wednesday, April 13th at 7pm, EST.

Who… Me, Brad Lemley, coming to you live from the Living Well headquarters in Baltimore, MD.

Where...An exclusive webpage where the live video feed will be broadcast

Price… 100% FREE, while limited spots last.

It’s free to sign up. And even if you’re busy on Wednesday, please still sign up. You’ll be added to a list to get a free recording of the event that you can watch at your leisure.

For streaming video quality, we have to limit RSVP’s today to just 2,500 of our 300,000 readers. So be sure to send you RSVP, now while there’s still room.

With over 27 million Americans at risk, it’s increasingly likely that this epidemic will affect you or someone dear to you.

If you’re at all concerned about losing mental acuity and preventing memory loss … if you want the opportunity to stay mentally sharp into your 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s…

If you want to make sure you don’t fall victim to the self-serving medical establishment and avoid outdated medical advice...

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On Wednesday April 13th I'll reveal the #1 covert brain health threat in the United States today, and the simple step you need to take to avoid it.




Brad Lemley
Chief Health Officer, Brad Lemley’s Natural Health Solutions

40-Year Investigative Journalist for The Washington Post, Discover Magazine,
and Co-Author of 10 Books.