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The Luxury Beach Deal to Double Your Money in a Year

Why We're Investing in International Real Estate and You Should Too

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“I am already up nearly $100K (in paper gains) on my condo in Cabo In less than a year”

- Adam Markley
Financial Strategy Director, Agora Financial
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“If you’re looking for a better way to get more cash flow… international real estate is one of the best opportunities I’ve ever seen”

- Pete Coyne
Publisher, Paradigm Press
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“The best way to make money investing in global growth — in the safest way possible.”

- James Altucher
Best Selling Author
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Dear Reader,

What does your perfect real estate opportunity look like?

For me?

It has four key components.

  1. I’d be able to buy it at a discount…
  2. It would generate strong cash flow…
  3. The asset would grow in value over time…
  4. And lastly – and arguably the most important – I could finance the opportunity with other people’s money!

Which is why I’ve personally invested into nearly $1,000,000 of international real estate deals following Ronan McMahon’s private research publication…

Real Estate Trend Alert

Since I joined Real Estate Trend Alert about a year ago, I’ve seen some incredible international real estate deals:

  • Last June, I jumped in headfirst and bought a condo in Coco Place, a world-class development in Panama City, Panama…

  • In August, I locked down a condo in the master-planned Mavila community in the Quivira resort in Los Cabos, Mexico…

  • And a few weeks ago, I was able to claim two luxury condominiums in Tulum, on Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

I am already up nearly $100K (in paper gains) on my condo in Cabo.

When my two condos in Tulum are delivered, I should be able to expect a combined gross rental income of $64,000 per year — and that’s a conservative estimate.

That’s if I rent an average of only 200 nights a year. Which leaves plenty of time for me to enjoy the beaches, boutiques, restaurants and ruins around Tulum.

But I’m not the only one who has seen some incredible returns…

Take Carl Collins, who made over $49,300 that he plans to put toward his retirement.

And Simon Cole, who's made about $150,000. He told me that since he opened his account, he gets to spend "more and more time in Spain."

And Alan Davis, who's added $260,352 to his net worth in two years.

If you’re ready to diversify your portfolio and get your money into a real, tangible, hard asset...

And you want to have the chance to get in on what I believe is the most exciting investment opportunity there is…

I’d love to give you more details about this opportunity.

All you need to do is enter your email address in the box below, and we’ll send you a FREE copy of the Tulum Special Report: The Luxury Beach Deal to Double Your Money in a Year directly to your email inbox…

But personally…

Investing in international real estate is about MORE than just the huge potential investment returns.

It’s more about the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of living.

And when you hear about the kind of life Ronan McMahon… the globe-trotting deal maker – and editor in chief – of RETA… gets to live as an international real estate investor...

Tropical Beach
Tulum is Instagram-famous for its beautiful beaches…

Well, I think you’ll see why so many people want to join our “club.”

Ronan was in Tulum recently with members of his team...

Meeting with the developer, eating at his favorite restaurants and strolling on Tulum’s famous beaches.

And once you read his update below, I think you’ll see why he thinks this upcoming Tulum opportunity is one of the best deals in RETA history.

Best regards,

Adam Markley Signature

Adam Markley

Financial Strategy Director, Agora Financial

The First Time I Saw Paradise

Ronan McMahon Headshot

Dear Reader,

I first arrived in Tulum on bumpy roads in 2004.

I hopped on a plane from Panama City (where I was starting to earnestly invest in overseas real estate) and flew to Cancún. I rented a 4x4 and headed south down the stretch of coastline now known to the world as the Riviera Maya.

I stopped in small beach towns, explored stretches of powdery white sand beach and saw for myself the potential being realized as billions of dollars flooded into infrastructure and hotel projects all along the coast.

First, I hit Playa del Carmen — 40 miles or so south of Cancún. I was struck by the pristine curve of sand and charming beachfront palapas.

Few streets were paved. Yet construction was in full swing on big resorts and condo projects. There were backpackers and hippies everywhere, plus more mainstream tourists coming to enjoy a week of sun.

I continued past Playa, determined to see what was next. The road turned bad… very bad. I bounced down another 40 miles or so of this stunning coast until I arrived in a small, remote village.

This was Tulum.

Just a few streets, one unreliable ATM and a handful of small stores. After a cold drink, I took the final leg of my journey…

Three miles from the village, I stepped onto the beach. This was my “wow” moment. I caught my breath beneath the coconut trees and murmured, “Eureka.”

Miles of immaculate white sand washed by the cobalt-blue Caribbean — every inch the beach paradise of popular imagination.

I started scouting around Tulum. To the south, there are 1,000 square miles of luscious biosphere — protected land with a UNESCO designation. To the north, the extensive archaeological site of old Tulum, a magical Mayan city.

Tropical Beach
The ruins at Tulum are the youngest Mayan ruins in all of Mexico. They’re right on the coast, giving you 360 degrees of breathtaking views…

I knew even on that first visit that development would always be severely restricted in Tulum. The protected biosphere and historical ruins create a “geographic moat” that insulates any investment properties here.

Folks who bought in our previous Tulum deal (including Adam and myself) stand to make a pretty penny as rental demand in Tulum continues to grow.

And boy is Tulum growing.

Tourism there is on an absolute tear.

Record numbers of visitors are coming to enjoy the culture, heritage and that stunning white sand beach.

A record 2 million people passed through the archeological site of Tulum last year — 80% of them foreigners.

Tulum is also a favorite of models, socialites, celebrities and anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of them. You’ll see it mentioned in Vogue orJetsetter magazine along with Saint-Tropez, the Swiss hotspot of Gstaad, the Greek island of Mykonos, St. Barts…

It’s certainly been high on my list since I first set foot there nearly 15 years ago. Every time I go, it gets more and more difficult to leave.

Our opportunity is a project called Gran Tulum, where we can own the first luxury condos to be built in the closest master-planned community to the beach, from as little as $175,000.

I’m predicting those of us who buy can double our money within six months on capital appreciation alone. I figure these condos could be worth $215,000 within six months… shortly after the retail launch.

That’s a paper gain of $40,000.

Yet I expect you’ll be into the deal for just a little over $40,000. (I’m not saying expect to sell after six months, but this huge leap in our paper gains shows the massive value we’re locking in.)

I expect a repeat of the success of our Tao Tulum deal in October 2017.

In October of 2017, I recommend buying in a development called Tao Tulum (near the new Tulum opportunity I’ve been telling you about). Condos there have since soared from $230,556 to $449,000.

But it gets even better over time…

With this newest deal, within five years I expect to see values of $269,000.

That’s $94,000 in capital appreciation!

In fact, condos I consider inferior already sell for this price in Tulum. But I like to keep my numbers conservative.

When the community is built out, I conservatively predict rental yields of over 18% too… you’ll own exactly the kind of condo that the high-end vacationers who love Tulum will want to stay in.

Put simply, these condos are best-in-class moneymakers with an amazing lifestyle kicker.

Plans call for a wellness center, tropical gardens, an outdoor cinema, art installations, a stage for live music… all a short walk to the beach.

These are the best condos in the best location in Tulum — now established among the world’s most stylish and fashionable destinations.

So why are we getting in at such a low price?

Because we are Real Estate Trend Alert. We get in before anyone else at a price no one else will ever see.

I’ve already bought one of these condos in Gran Tulum, and i think it’s going to be one of the smartest investments I’ve ever made.

To get a more extensive recap on our Tulum opportunity and why I think it will bring massive profits over the next few years...

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I am reopening this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest in Tulum on Thursday, August 15,at 1 p.m. Eastern.

But remember, there are only up to 15 luxury condos available with this special limited-time offer.

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Wishing you good real estate investing,

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Ronan McMahon